ALL SEASON theONEcover - Juliette $64.99
The multi-use All Season theONEcovers are the perfect cover for every season as you spend countless special moments with your baby. On one half, it is lined with a luxuriously soft and stretchy minky fleece, while the other half is unlined. Use it as a car seat cover, nursing cover, baby carrier cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, baby blanket, umbrella stroller cover, baby swing cover, car seat protector, and so much more. All theONEcovers are equipped with a pocket on the side to allow you to store your necessities. The entire cover can also be stored within the pocket.

While being used as a car seat cover, on cold, wet days, use the warm lined side to cover baby. The lining helps to break the wind and keep baby warm and dry. On warmer days, remove the hood of the car seat and turn the cover so the lined side is on the back of the car seat shielding baby from the sun, while the cooler side in front allows baby to feel the breeze. The All Season theONEcover allows you to be prepared no matter how quickly the weather changes in Canada.

When baby is older and facing forwards in their car seat, you can use the All Season theONEcover as a car seat protector. Cover your driver's or passenger's seats with the lined side facing baby. When baby kick's your seat with their dusty or dirty shoes, theONEcover provides a dirt barrier to keep your car seat clean.

The All Season theONEcovers are patent pending in Canada and the USA.

Fabric composition: 75% polyester, 20% rayon, 5% spandex; (Minky fleece lining) 95% polyester 5% spandex.

Designed and handmade by moms in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Total Price: $64.99
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